I've been into photography as a hobby for a lot of years and more recently 3d photography using a home made stereo camera rig.

Because my flickr images are a mix of 3d anaglyphs, crosseye stereo and normal 2d pics it's better to choose an album for browsing here

Tiger lily at sunset 1

The following images are crosseye stereo 3D.

Click on any crosseye image to go to the flickr page for instructions on how to view 3d crosseye images.

My lovely Taylor 614CE upright (3d crosseye stereo image)

Port Edgar (3d crosseye stereo image)

Port edgar (3d crosseye stereo)

Beach tree (3d crosseye stereo image).

Dunfermline abbey (3d crosseye stereo image)

South queensferry (3d crosseye stereo image).

Forth bridge from north queensferry (3d crosseye stereo image).

Log seat (3d crosseye stereo image).

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