(2014 update : The whole queens view visitor centre was upgraded in 2014 and this deck was removed so the deck stood for around ten years)

In 2004, Scott Trotter and I started building a wooden deck for the Forestry Commission owned Queens view visitor centre at the Queens view on Loch Tummel just north of Pitlochry.

The purpose of the deck is to provide an area for customers of the visitor centre's cafe to sit outside on tables.

After the Heysel stadium disaster, regulations for any structure that will support members of the public were changed for safety reasons. Because of this the deck is massively over engineered to minimise any risk of collapse.

Below are three animations showing the deck's progress from February till July.

Also check out :

A page giving a detailed look at how the deck was built with lots of photos.

And :

A page showing a 3d model of the deck.

Animation number 1. Towards the end of this you will notice something that I didn't think of when choosing the original camera position. (Also watch out for me doing "I'm a teapot").

Animation number 2. View showing the deck going down. (Watch out for Sassy the wee dug)

Animation number 3. At the other end of the deck.

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