Below are some scans of articles about the bike from various magazines.

SUPERBIKE ARTICLE midsummer special 1994. I sent photos of the bike to superbike.

The editor wanted it to be the first for a new series called "nutter" featuring crazy bikes. They paid for me to travel to Yorkshire for a photo shoot in a studio,

put me up bed and breakfast, and also bought me a new rear tyre that I needed for the bike's MOT. Excellent service, good guys too.

AWOL ARTICLE volume 2 number 9 around september 1993. I pushed the bike to the awol stand at the Kent bike show and asked if they were interested in featuring it.

Well written and funny article by Frank and good photos by Odgie.

CUSTOM BIKE ARTICLE september 1993. Also approached them at the Kent show, they asked me to write some stuff about the bike.

The article is basically what I wrote myself with some changes by their writer.

Overall the article is ok as are the photos.

OFF ROAD ACTION ARTICLE volume 2 number 6 august 1994. 2 page "special of the month" feature in a magazine that is part of Trials and motocross news.

Written by serious motocross heads.

BIKE PHOTO september 1993. Bike put a photo of the KX in a 4 page feature about the Kent bike show.

BIKE QUERY november 1993. Somebody wrote in asking about the KX.